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Handlettered Wedding Cake Topper

DIY Wedding Cake Topper

Hi friends! Missy Briggs here. I’m going to show you a quick and easy way to get that lux laser-cut wood for your personalized wedding cake topper. I can’t wait to see YOU rock this project!

Here’s what you need:

Side note on fab products: The Silhouette Wood Paper is ahhhh-mazing. You’re going to find ten uses for it immediately. When I was making doll furniture last month, I dug into a pack to make a quick wooden coffee table.

Step one: Import or design

Import a hand-lettered design into the Silhouette Studio® software. Or you can type in a phrase of your choice using one of hundreds of fonts available in the Silhouette Design Store.

Step two: Trace

If you’re using your own imported jpeg, open the Trace Window and then Select the Trace area.

Using your mouse, draw a bounding box around your design and trace it. You may need to adjust using the high pass filter. For a detailed tutorial on tracing check out this post.

Step three: Cut

Cut your design into any of the three colors of Wood Paper. To get the look of a laser-wood cut design you will have to cut five or six layers and stack them up. This gives the design a nice depth and also provides stability for the final design. I stacked up four adhesive cardstock layers and backed it with a neutral-tone cardstock. You can also use regular cardstock and a touch of glue in between layers.

Step four: Paint and adhere

Paint your floral wire or lollipop sticks using gold glitter paint, being careful not to paint the portion that will be inserted into the cake. Using hot glue, adhere the layered wood paper onto the gold wire.

Yeah, you’ve got this! Go ahead and add wedding décor pro to your resume. I like Mr. and Mrs. but a monogram would be perfect too.

What will you choose to write on your cake topper?


On – 20 May, 2017 By Missy Briggs

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