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15 Amazing Wedding Cake Toppers You’ll Love

Planning a wedding can be stressful, but there are also super fun parts about it, too!

As long as you keep a level head and remember that this is the day when you get to marry your one true love, then it’ll be more manageable.

One of the main decisions is the wedding cake. Aside from the bride herself, some would say that the cake is the big kahuna of the wedding. Not only does everyone want to eat it, but they want to see it, too!

Whether you like the classic looks, or you’re trying to get wild and crazy, there’s something out there for everyone. The same goes for the wedding cake toppers.

There are adorable cake toppers, there are silly ones, and there are emotional ones. These 15 wedding cake toppers show a huge array of representations of the bride and groom, and there’s one for just about everyone who likes to think outside of the box!

If you’re already married, do you think that you would have liked to have one of these sitting atop your cake?

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Thumbnail Source: Wikimedia Commons / Jim Thompson


On – 05 Apr, 2017 By Grace Eire

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